What Castables Are Used For Melting Furnace Burners

2023-06-24 15:31:08

The melting furnace usually refers to the machine side furnace, which is placed next to the casting equipment to melt the alloy ingot and keep it warm, and the capacity is not more than 500 kg. Abbreviation for “fire nozzle”. Usually refers to the body part of the combustion device, which has a fuel inlet, air inlet, and ejection holes, which play the role of distributing fuel and combustion-supporting air and ejecting them in a certain way before burning. So what castables are used for the melting furnace burner?

First of all, the temperature of the flame emitted by the burner is very high, so when choosing refractory materials, it is necessary to meet the requirements of high-temperature resistance. Secondly, the burner is easily damaged by the continuous erosion of natural gas and air, so it must have high strength and erosion resistance, and finally, the thermal shock resistance, that is, the resistance to rapid cooling and rapid heating, must be good, because the burner is in the studio, and the thermal stress generated is strong and easy Make the burner bricks crack and peel off, shortening the service life.

What Castables Are Used For Melting Furnace Burners

In order to meet the above working conditions, high-alumina steel fiber castables should be used as the main refractory material, which can meet the working conditions of most burners. Adding heat-resistant steel fibers during use can improve the lining body. Excellent thermal shock resistance and structural strength. Adding silica micro powder instead of part of high-alumina cement can reduce the formation of a high-temperature eutectic phase and increase the use temperature; adding kyanite can prevent the volume shrinkage of burner bricks at high temperatures and affect the compactness. sex etc.

In addition to high-alumina steel fiber castables, we can also have castables made of high-alumina, corundum, silicon carbide, mullite, chrome corundum, etc. according to needs.

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