Application of Regenerative Balls in Blast Furnace Smelting

2023-06-25 15:14:57

Regenerative ball is a kind of spherical regenerator. It has the advantages of good thermal shock stability, large heat storage, high strength, easy cleaning, and reusability. It is widely used in blast furnace smelting, and it can improve the utilization efficiency of heat energy. , to reduce energy consumption, so regenerative balls are often used in the recovery of waste heat in blast furnace smelting.

The main function of the high alumina regenerative ball is to support and cover the catalyst in the reactor. It can buffer the influence of liquid and gas on the catalyst. Many small balls divide the airflow into small streams. When the airflow flows through the heat conductor, it forms a strong turbulent flow and breaks through the boundary layer on the surface of the heat conductor. The diameter of the ball is very small. , small conduction radius, small thermal resistance, high density, and good thermal conductivity, so it can meet the requirements of frequent and rapid reversing of the heat conduction burner, thereby improving the distribution of liquid and gas in the reactor, so it is widely used in steel, treatment Gold industry heating furnace, forging furnace and other industrial furnaces. It is used as heat accumulator for air separation equipment regenerator and blast furnace gas heating furnace in iron and steel plant, and double preheats gas and air, so that the combustion temperature can quickly reach the requirement of steel billet heating for rolling.

Application of Regenerative Balls in Blast Furnace Smelting

Features of regenerative ball:

1. High mechanical strength and long service life:

2. Good chemical stability, no chemical reaction with materials;

3. Good high temperature resistance, the highest heat resistance temperature can reach 1900 degrees.

Product index of heat storage ball:

High alumina regenerative ball packing balls are widely used in petroleum, chemical and other industries, such as tower packing balls, catalyst carriers, petrochemical equipment, chemical fiber equipment, alkylbenzene, ethylene equipment, natural gas plants and other hydrogenation refining equipment. Catalytic reforming unit, isomerization unit and demethylation unit are ideal fillers in chemical industry, metallurgy, natural gas, petroleum and other industries.

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