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The annual production capacity is 100 thousand tons

Henan Xinhongji Refractory Material Co., Ltd. was founded in 2019. The headquarters is located in Zhengzhou, Henan, PR. China.

Since its founding, Xinhongji Refractory has been adhering to the belief in high quality, integrity, and innovation, to impress customers with excellent products and first-rate services, to treat customers with sincerity and friendship, and to attract customers with high technology and innovation. With our belief and confidence, we have been integrating into and changing the world.

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  • Of which 25% are senior professional and technical ones.

  • Production capacity reaches nearly 100 thousand tons.

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  • Precautions for Construction of Low-Cement Castables

    During the construction process, low cement castables must be constructed according to the requirements of the construction drawings. According to the technical requirements of the drawings, the furnace steel structure, baselines, holes, and other parts should be comprehensively and carefully inspected and accepted. Check the side wall insulation layer bricks and anchor bricks. The shape and size of the anchor bricks and hanging bricks should be inspected and accepted piece by piece. There should be no transverse cracks. The position of the bricks should meet the design requirements and keep the anchor hooks with the furnace shell. Or the furnace ceiling hanging beams are vertical. To prevent the side wall lightweight insulation bricks from absorbing water, a layer of asphalt should be painted on their surface. It is necessary to check whether the inner mold is firmly supported and cannot be moved. The surface should be wrapped with cloth; the template should also be firmly supported and the surface should be brushed with oil to facilitate demoulding. Check whether the mixer, vibrator, etc. are working normally; and whether the driving is normal. If a failure occurs, repair it in time or prepare other hanging equipment. You must ensure that pouring...

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