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Henan Xinhongji Refractory Material Co., Ltd. was founded in 2019. The headquarters is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan, China.

Since its founding, Xinhongji Refractory has been adhering to the belief in high quality, integrity, and innovation, to impress customers with excellent products and first-rate services, to treat customers with sincerity and friendship, and to attract customers with high technology and innovation. With our belief and confidence, we are devoted to offering our products to more users in the world.

Xinhongji Refractory has developed into a technology-based enterprise integrating R&D, production, consulting, service, and construction, and has an important influence in the refractory industry. We own advanced facilities and highly professional and well-educated staff. By following the latest international refractory technical development & research, and maintaining close cooperation with several universities and institutes in China, Xinhongji Refractory is trying to be one of the dependable suppliers and be one of your reliable partners.

  • Of these 25% are senior professional and technical ones.

  • Production capacity reaches nearly 100 thousand tons.

  • Production, consulting, service, and construction of whole serials.

  • Xinhongji company has been leading the Chinese refractory technology trend.

Xinhongji Refractory and a few domestic large steel enterprises maintain enduring friendships and cooperative relations

Our products are refractory materials for high and low-temperature conversion furnaces such as blast furnaces, industrial furnace refining, desulphurization tank, steel-making and iron-making, non-ferrous smelting, sulfuric acid, and fertilizer industry converter and transform furnaces, hot stove, etc. The performance and use effect of the project are the best application for customers and win users good support and extensive supports for assisting clients.

Xinhongji Refractory has nearly eight hundred employees, of which 25% are senior professionals and technical ones, and the annual production capacity reaches nearly 100 thousand tons.

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ISO9001 Certificate
ISO9001 Certificate
ISO9001 Certificate

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Since 2020 our team of Engineers and craftsmen has worked in north China on refractory repairs and replacement. With our experienced crew, we can serve maintenance needs as well as full refractory tear outs. Once you need our service, we can send our team to your country within one week or at most within one month. We can supply almost all kinds of needed bricks, castables, gun mixes, plastics, mortar, firebrick, and ceramic fiber. We seek to minimize downtime and provide the best quality job to keep costs low for our customers. We cover all refractory repairs and specialize in the refractory industry.

  • Refractory Repair

  • Refractory Replacement

  • Precast Shape

  • PRE-construction

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