Castables Commonly Used in Aluminum Melting Furnace Construction

2023-06-21 10:16:34

Aluminum melting furnace is a kind of equipment used for melting and heat preservation of aluminum ingots. It can well meet the process of aluminum smelting. The furnace is composed of a melting furnace, crucible, heating element, furnace cover lifting mechanism, and electrical automatic temperature control. system etc. The temperature of the aluminum melting furnace during the smelting process is actually not high, but the activity of aluminum is very high after melting, and it is as pervasive as water, so this requires relatively high requirements for the refractory materials used in the construction process of the aluminum melting furnace.

If the refractory material used in the casting process is not correct, it is easy to cause the structure of the refractory material to gradually loosen and peel off, and damage the refractory material; moreover, aluminum and its alloys are very easy to have physical and chemical reactions with impurities in the refractory material. Substances can affect the quality of aluminum products. So what are the refractory castables commonly used in the construction of aluminum melting furnaces?

Castables Commonly Used in Aluminum Melting Furnace Construction

1. Non-stick aluminum castable

Non-stick aluminum castables are mainly new materials with low cement content and ultrafine powder combination based on high-purity mullite, andalusite, and sillimanite. Its special design can effectively prevent the infiltration of molten aluminum during use, and solve the phenomenon of slag and nodules on the surface of the charge.

Non-stick aluminum refractory castables can be used in severely eroded parts such as the furnace bottom and lower furnace wall of aluminum melting furnaces, slag removal slopes, chutes, and aluminum ladles due to their superior resistance to aluminum erosion. After use, the erosion and nodulation of molten aluminum are largely controlled and delayed.

2. Steel fiber castable

Steel fiber castables are mainly used for furnace doors and furnace door frames. Heat-resistant steel fibers of a certain size are added to the castable refractory material in the mixture composed of refractory aggregates, binders, and admixtures. It can inhibit the castables from curing, Baking, and high-temperature use produce shrinkage. Improve the toughness, mechanical shock resistance, and mechanical strength of the castable, improve the thermal shock resistance of the castable, and prevent the micro-cracks generated in the castable from expanding or extending under the action of thermal and mechanical stress, resulting in fracture or peeling.

3. Mullite castable

Mullite wear-resistant refractory castable is a high-purity refractory material made of artificially synthesized sintered mullite or fused mullite as the main raw material. It has high refractory stability and high refractory temperature. Good acid and alkali chemical corrosion resistance, stable volume change at high temperatures, and so on. It is an ideal refractory material for key parts of a high-temperature kiln.

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