What are the Types of Common Refractory Castables

2023-07-24 15:15:36

Refractory castable is a kind of unshaped refractory material. It has high fluidity and is constructed by pouring, so it is also called castable. Generally, it is cast on-site by pouring, vibration, or tamping. Refractory castables are different according to different usage occasions. So what are the types of refractory castables?

1. According to chemical properties, it can be divided into acid-resistant castables, alkali-resistant castables, neutral castables, and corrosion-resistant castables.

2. According to the density, it can be divided into light castable and heavy castable.

3. According to the composition of refractory raw materials, it can be divided into high alumina castables, silicon castables, mullite castables, corundum castables, silicon carbide castables, clay castables, etc.

Types of Common Refractory Castables

4. According to the characteristics of use, it can be divided into high-temperature resistant castables, steel fiber castables, acid and alkali resistant castables, low cement castables, high strength wear-resistant castables, slag-resistant wear-resistant castables, anti-skinning castables, non-stick aluminum castables, etc.

5. According to the composition of the binder, it can be divided into organic bonded castables and inorganic bonded castables, such as resin-bonded castables and cement-bonded castables.

6. According to the bonding method of the selected binder, it can be divided into hydraulic c bonded castables, air-hardened bonded castables, thermosetting bonded castables, and ceramic bonded castables.

7. According to different occasions, it can be divided into: castables for aluminum melting furnaces, castables for heating furnaces, castables for the glass industry, castables for non-ferrous industries, castables for metallurgical industries, etc.

Different refractory castables are used on different occasions, and the refractory temperature, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, etc. are all things that need to be paid attention to when choosing castables, so we must choose according to the occasion and location of use when choosing.

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