Treatment Method for Brick Drop in Rotary Kiln Cooling Zone

2023-07-25 16:13:36

The cooling zone of the rotary kiln is an important piece of equipment in the production process of the rotary kiln. The falling of refractory bricks in the cooling zone will have a bad influence on production. If this happens, the following measures need to be taken in a timely manner:

Treatment Method for Brick Drop in Rotary Kiln Cooling Zone

Shutdown for maintenance: stop the machine in time to check the status of the cooling zone, confirm the number and location of the fallen refractory bricks, and replace the fallen refractory bricks in time.

Maintenance: Strengthen the maintenance of the cooling belt, regularly check the condition of the refractory bricks on the cooling belt, and replace the aging bricks in time.

Management: Strictly abide by the management regulations, keep the workplace clean and tidy, and reduce the accumulation of materials and the impact on the cooling zone.

Improve operating skills: improve the skills and work experience of operators, strengthen operating specifications, and reduce damage to equipment caused by misoperation.

Periodic inspection: conduct a comprehensive inspection regularly, including the transmission mechanism, bearings, lubrication system, etc., to find and deal with problems in time.

It should be noted that if the refractory bricks on the cooling belt fall seriously, it is recommended to ask technicians to overhaul and replace them.

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