Two Types of Production Methods for Molten Refractory Materials

2023-10-24 16:18:45

Xinhongji Refractory describes two production methods of molten refractory materials: cast refractory products and sintered electric fusion products.

Cast refractory products refer to products in which the batch of refractory materials is melted at high temperatures and then cast into a certain shape using the melting method. There are two methods of batch smelting, electrofusion and thermite. At present, the electrofusion method is the main method for producing cast refractory materials.

Refractory product pouring process: raw material preparation → processing → batching → mixing processing → smelting → casting → heat treatment → mechanical processing.

There are many types of fused-cast refractory products, among which fused-cast zirconium corundum bricks are the most widely used. Other foundry products include mullite bricks, zirconium mullite bricks, corundum bricks, quartz, magnesia, spinel and olivine. Compared with sintered products, fused-cast products have the following characteristics: in most cases, the products are dense, with fewer pores and high density; high mechanical strength (several times greater than sintered products); high-temperature structural strength; high thermal conductivity and good slag resistance.

Al-Si-Zr melt-cast products are mainly used in the molten pool of glass melting furnaces, especially in the areas near the upper pool wall and feed inlet where corrosion and erosion are the most severe, greatly extending the service life of the furnace lining. At the same time, the operation of the furnace can be strengthened and the melting temperature of the furnace can be increased, thereby improving the glass output and quality per unit area of the furnace.

In the metallurgical industry, molten products are rarely used directly. Instead, fused ingots are used as raw materials to produce fused products, such as fused corundum products, fused magnesite bricks, fused quartz products, etc. The use of these products has significant effects and their scope of use continues to expand.

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