Characteristics of Alkaline Refractory Products Magnesia Bricks and Magnesia-silicate Bricks

2023-10-23 14:42:42

This article introduces the characteristics of magnesia bricks and magnesia-silicate bricks, the alkaline refractory products of Henan refractory brick manufacturers. From the perspective of organic chemical properties, they are alkaline raw materials and have strong corrosion resistance to alkali residues. Therefore, this product is generally used in many basic steelmaking charges. Nonferrous metal plate smelting, industrial copper smelting, urban, lead smelting blast furnace, backlight furnace, and other products.

With the development of the steel industry and the improvement of smelting standards, basic refractory insulation materials will gradually increase.

Magnesia bricks are the most important product among alkaline refractory insulation materials. They have high flame retardancy and good resistance to iron oxide, alkali slag, and high calcium flux.

Magnesia bricks are divided into calcined magnesia bricks and non-calcined magnesia bricks. The firing process of magnesia bricks is the same as that of other insulation bricks, but the firing temperature of magnesia bricks is higher than other bricks, generally 1550-1600℃, and the firing temperature of high-purity products is above 1750℃. The CaO content in magnesite is high, and sealing bricks are needed to eliminate the hazards of CaO and improve its formation characteristics. The processing technology of non-calcined magnesia bricks is similar to that of calcined magnesia bricks, but there is no sintering method.

The conventional ingredients of magnesite bricks are mainly magnesium sulfate and sodium carbonate. Its load change temperature is not high, its thermal shock reliability is poor, and its application range is small. Some of the main characteristics of magnesia bricks are mineral composition and economic structure.

Magnesite brick is a type of magnesite and is similar to magnesite brick. At 1600-1630℃, its denaturation temperature is higher than magnesia brick. Excellent slag resistance. The production process of magnesia bricks is the same as that of ordinary magnesia bricks, but the calcining temperature should be increased to 1620-1650°C.

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