Characteristics of Modern Refractory Bricks

2023-10-25 14:55:07

Under the premise of continuous improvement of production technology, today, refractory bricks with a good reputation and good quality are becoming more and more perfect in terms of variety and characteristics. Through a more comprehensive inspection and combined with the introduction during use, Xinhongji Refractory, which specializes in the production of refractory bricks, believes that modern high-end refractory bricks have the following characteristics.

1. Stronger chemical stability

Cheap and environmentally friendly Xinhongji Refractory pays great attention to the chemical composition of refractory bricks during the production process, especially in optimizing the composition, and tries to start from the perspective of high-temperature resistance. Therefore, at present, the chemical stability of refractory bricks produced by Xinhongji Refractory has been qualitatively improved, and they can play a better role in more chemical production.

2. More resistant to external pressure

Xinhongji Refractory found through relevant instrument testing that by optimizing production and constantly combining new processes to complete refractory bricks, their ability to resist external interference is also constantly improving, especially the compressive strength, flexural strength, linear change rate, and wear resistance. Better improvement, so that external influencing factors are continuously reduced. Refractory bricks with relatively stable quality have also given Xinhongji Refractory a higher and higher reputation in the market.

3. More affordable price

With the development of technology, Xinhongji Refractory can reduce costs while the production process continues to mature. Through careful control of materials and on the premise of improving functions, specific prices are more affordable. Therefore, the refractory bricks used in large quantities in modern times are also characterized by high quality and low price.

Xinhongji Refractory focuses on continuous improvement and optimization of production. Now they have not only improved the varieties of high-end refractory bricks but also further improved their actual use functions, which can better adapt to specific production factors and meet production needs, thereby providing more comprehensive services to service objects. Guaranteed cooperation.

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