Refractory Materials Used in Cupola Furnaces

2023-10-07 12:02:47

What is the refractory material of a cupola furnace? A cupola furnace, also known as an iron furnace or stir-fry furnace, is mainly used for ironmaking. The working temperature of the cupola furnace is generally 1400~1600℃. The cupola furnace body consists of a furnace bottom, a furnace body, a forehearth, and a bridge.

The bottom of the cupola furnace is in direct contact with the molten iron and is responsible for the quality of all charges. Therefore, ASC ramming materials or carbon ramming materials and products should be used to improve the service life of the cupola furnace bottom.

The upper working layer of the cupola furnace body is affected by the impact and wear of the feeding machine. It is built with fan-shaped hollow iron bricks and filled with quartz sand outside.

The lower working layer of the cupola, especially the burning area above the tuyere, has a higher temperature and is corroded by slag, airflow, and charge. Therefore, magnesia chrome bricks or magnesia bricks with strong corrosion resistance are used.

Since the oxidation atmosphere of the working layer in the lower part of the furnace body is weakened, ASC ramming materials and their products can be used. Due to the low temperature, other parts of the furnace body can be constructed with clay bricks or semi-silica bricks. The permanent layer or insulation layer of the furnace body generally uses clay insulation bricks or floating bead bricks.

The front room and bridge parts are generally built with clay bricks or high alumina bricks, and ASC ramming materials are used for parts in contact with molten iron; ASC ramming materials, prefabricated parts, or bricks with a high silicon carbide content are used for parts in contact with slag; the insulation layer or The permanent layer is made of clay bricks or lightweight clay bricks or floating bead bricks.

Refractory Materials Used in Cupola Furnaces

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