Construction Precautions for Refractory Castable Production Enterprises in Different Environments

2023-10-08 12:05:23

Castables are granular and powdery materials made by adding a certain amount of binder to refractory materials. They have high fluidity and can be cast into shape. Refractory castables have certain requirements on the surrounding environment during the construction process. Now Xinhongji Refractory will briefly introduce the precautions for the construction of refractory castables in winter, summer, and rainy days.

Construction Precautions for Refractory Castable Production Enterprises

1. Winter construction refers to construction where the ambient temperature is between +5℃ and -5℃. When the temperature is below -5°C, reliable cold protection measures must be taken before construction can begin.

2. Winter construction techniques must be used during winter construction. The working environment should be sealed, windproof, and warm, and the lining temperature should be kept above +5°C after masonry construction.

3. When constructing castables in winter, dry materials should be stored in the heating room and mixed with boiling water. The temperature of the mixture should be maintained above 10°C. It is not advisable to add chemical accelerators or antifreeze.

4. When constructing the furnace in winter, the insulation layer should be built first to mobilize the anti-freeze ability of the refractory layer. After the masonry is completed, it should be covered first with plastic sheeting and then with dried vegetables. The heat preservation time of a new kiln should be no less than 10 days. It is prohibited to expose completed masonry to the cold.

5. Construction should be carried out indoors on rainy days. All materials, handling tools, work areas, and masonry should be protected from rain. Cover unfinished buildings, plug holes, and plug leaks. The blast furnace top tuyere should be sealed. The completed floor prefabricated components should be covered with coverings and should not be soaked in water.

6. When the ambient temperature is greater than or equal to 30℃, summer construction can be considered. During summer construction, the water temperature and material temperature should be controlled below 30°C. Materials exposed to the sun should be cooled before use.

7. When pouring castables in summer, try to do it in the morning or evening. After pouring, the curtain should be covered in time and watered frequently to cool down.

The above are matters needing attention in different construction environments. I hope it helps you. Only the correct construction environment and suitable construction conditions can maximize the effectiveness of castables.

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