Classification and Characteristics of Various Unshaped Refractory Materials

2023-10-09 14:20:54

There are many types of unshaped refractories, which can be classified according to the materials or binders used. According to its process characteristics, it can be divided into castable materials, ramming materials, spray materials and refractory mud. Broadly speaking, refractory coatings are also considered unshaped refractory materials.

The chemical and mineral composition of unshaped refractory materials mainly depends on the granular and powdery refractory materials used. It is also closely related to the type and amount of adhesive used. The density of a structure or product made of unshaped refractory materials is primarily related to the constituent materials and their proportions. At the same time, much depends on the construction method and craftsmanship.

Classification and Characteristics of Various Unshaped Refractory Materials

Generally speaking, compared with sintered products of the same material, most amorphous refractory materials have higher porosity before sintering or even after sintering due to smaller external forces during the forming process; chemical reactions before sintering may change the structure or product Some properties, while some medium temperature strength may be slightly reduced due to the presence of non-high temperature stable materials such as binders, the volume stability at high temperatures may be slightly lower, the porosity may be higher, and the corrosiveness may be lower, but the thermal shock resistance Sex is generally higher.

The production of amorphous refractory materials only goes through the preparation of granular and powdery materials and the mixing process of the mixture. The process is simple, the yield is high, the supply is fast, and the heat energy consumption is low. When the refractory brick masonry or the entire structure is partially damaged, cold or hot spraying can be used to repair it, which is fast and economical. Particularly desired as a protective coating and sealing material for masonry or lightweight refractory materials. Convenient for making large refractory products.

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