Refractory Bricks for Hot Blast Stove

2023-11-10 11:24:14

Hot blast furnace is one of the main equipment for blast furnace ironmaking. Accurate technical parameters are the basis for ensuring the normal operation of equipment! With the scale of blast furnaces, the improvement of raw and fuel quality, the development of injection technology, and the improvement of blast furnace operation levels, the requirements for wind are getting higher and higher. The intermediate requirements for hot air stoves are to achieve high air temperature and long life.

1. Performance of refractory bricks for hot blast stoves

Refractory bricks for hot blast stoves include clay bricks, silica bricks, and high-alumina refractory bricks (including mullite bricks, sillimanite bricks, andalusite bricks, kyanite bricks, and cordierite bricks).

The requirements for refractory bricks in hot blast furnaces are low creep rate, good high-temperature strength, and good thermal shock resistance. In addition to meeting the above requirements, the checkered bricks used in hot blast stoves should also have a large heat capacity.

In the design of hot blast stoves, to reasonably select refractory bricks, it is necessary to understand their performance parameters and usage environment parameters. Because accurate technical parameters are the basis for ensuring the normal operation of the equipment!

Hot blast stoves use lightweight insulation bricks: lightweight silica bricks, diatomite lightweight insulation bricks, lightweight clay bricks, lightweight high alumina bricks, etc.

2. Selection plan for hot blast stove refractory bricks and lightweight insulation bricks

For the hot blast stove to achieve high temperature and longevity, refractory materials must be selected reasonably. The selection of refractory materials mainly depends on the design hot blast temperature and the size of the hot blast furnace. In addition, the price of refractory bricks should also be considered.

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