How to Get Good Refractory Bricks

2023-11-11 15:56:58

Choosing good refractory bricks can make us get twice the result with half the effort when using them, and also provide great convenience for later work. However, due to the powerful performance of this product, many customers have recently asked us how to choose. Of course, being responsible to customers is also a principle. Now Xinhongji Refractory has compiled this information. Now let us give you a brief introduction.

How to choose refractory bricks correctly

According to the content and role of various chemical components in refractory materials, they are usually divided into three categories: main components, impurity components, and additive components. Impurities refer to chemical components that differ from the main components of refractory materials and have a small content. These components often cause harm to the high-temperature resistance of refractory bricks. This chemical component is mostly carried from the main ingredient’s raw material.

Refractory bricks have the main components, which play a decisive role in the high-temperature performance of the material. Refractory bricks have good high-temperature resistance and many refractory materials depend entirely or essentially on their main components. Therefore, the main components of refractory materials should be paid attention to. Generally speaking, refractory materials are classified according to their chemical composition.

Many refractories of the same material are divided into several grades, all or most of which are determined according to the type and content of its main components. The main components of refractory materials are simple substances or compounds with high melting points or high decomposition temperatures and high lattice energy. The output of refractory bricks is determined based on factors such as the price of refractory bricks and the prices of other refractory bricks.

After seeing this little knowledge explained to you by Xinhongji Refractory you should have an idea in mind when you buy refractory bricks in the future.

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