Raw Materials, Characteristics, and Construction Methods of Castable Prefabricated Parts

2023-11-29 17:24:08

Castable prefabricated parts generally refer to a special-shaped refractory workpiece that is cast in advance. Its main use is in some special parts or difficult-to-construct parts during the construction of high-temperature kilns. By placing these externally in the early stage the production of refractory materials with special shapes can not only reduce the difficulty of construction but also speed up the construction progress during the construction process and ensure the construction quality.

Generally speaking, the shapes of prefabricated parts are all kinds of strange, and they are usually customized according to the actual conditions of use. Since they are cast through molds, they can be made into prefabricated parts of various sizes and shapes, which are more precise than machine pressing. Greater complexity, mass, and volume.

Raw Materials, Characteristics, and Construction Methods of Castable Prefabricated Parts

1. Raw materials for castable prefabricated parts

The raw materials of castable prefabricated parts are generally proportioned according to the actual use conditions. Currently, common raw materials include high aluminum, clay, corundum, silicon carbide, and other raw materials. They are professionally prepared according to the actual use temperature and use environment. The proportions are then added, poured into the mold, air-dried, and finally calcined at high temperature to make the finished product.

2. Characteristics of castable prefabricated parts

The appearance and dimensions are fixed and the performance is stable. There is no need for on-site re-construction and it can be put into use directly, shortening the construction period and production cost.

Construction is not restricted by environmental conditions and seasonal conditions;

The pouring, curing, drying, and other processes of the prefabricated blocks have been completed upon delivery, speeding up the construction progress and thus speeding up the utilization of the equipment.

3. Construction methods of castable prefabricated parts

The construction method of castable prefabricated parts is relatively simple. Generally, after pouring the material into the mold, it can be formed by vibration molding, vibration pressure molding, and ramming.

4. Production process of castable prefabricated parts

Mold making–raw material ratio–adding water and stirring–vibration tamping–baking and putting into production

Castable prefabricated parts are generally relatively simple in actual use. In addition to meeting different kiln working environments, they can also meet special parts. Therefore, castable prefabricated parts are very common in the use of high-temperature kilns.

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