Precautions for Using Aluminum Melting Furnace

2023-11-30 15:01:50

An aluminum melting furnace is a device used to heat and melt aluminum materials. It is usually used in casting metallurgy, manufacturing aluminum alloys, and other fields.

Precautions for Using Aluminum Melting Furnace

1. After starting the heating furnace of the aluminum melting furnace, adjust the heating parameters until they heating parameters are stable before normal heating production can be carried out.

2. Before starting the aluminum melting furnace, you must check whether the pushing and discharging devices, circulating water, and air pressure are normal, whether the limit switch, manual and automatic switch positions are in the required positions, check whether the materials on the workbench meet the requirements for forgings, and you must always pay attention to it. Cooling water, because cooling water is the lifeline of the induction furnace, the outlet water temperature must not exceed 60°C.

3. The aluminum melting furnace should be placed correctly during the charging process. All large pieces of aluminum need to be processed before being installed in the furnace, and attention needs to be paid to the method. The irregular side should be placed as upward as possible to avoid jamming the furnace lining.

4. When the aluminum melting furnace is first fired in the cold furnace, the rated power cannot be used immediately. Low-temperature heating should use 60%-75% of normal power to avoid cracking of the furnace lining refractory material. When the furnace lining temperature reaches about 90°C evenly, the power can be increased to normal process power and formal forging operations can begin.

5. The aluminum melting furnace should not have two parts in front of the furnace and on the workbench at the same time. Workers in front of the furnace must put the remaining billets heated before getting off work into the material box and indicate the specifications and status of the billets. The red material inside the induction furnace should be forged. The intermediate frequency heating furnace is an electric heating furnace that has the advantages of fast heating, less oxidation and decarburization, and good working conditions. It is convenient for mechanization and automation, but it is not adaptable to changes in the size and shape of the blank. When the size and shape of the blank change within the specified requirements, such as shortening the length or adding a new blank size, etc., the material cannot be simply discharged and pushed at will. The relevant discharge and pushed material must be calculated according to the design requirements of the sensor to ensure that the blank is heating quality, otherwise, heating defects will occur.

6. Reasonably design the furnace structure to improve the effective use of energy. The main factors that improve efficiency are refractory materials, insulation materials, furnace structures, control systems, and burner systems. Refractory materials have good heat resistance, reduce energy consumption, and improve energy-saving effects.

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