How to Choose Suitable Refractory Castables for Square Aluminum Melting Furnaces

2023-11-28 16:08:15

Industrial square aluminum melting furnace is a common aluminum melting equipment in the aluminum melting and casting industry. It can well meet the requirements of strict alloy composition, discontinuous production, large single furnace capacity, and other requirements in the green smelting industry, thereby reducing energy consumption. To ensure the stable operation of the aluminum melting furnace, the selection of refractory castables for each part in the initial construction is very important, so the square aluminum melting furnace How to choose the appropriate refractory castable for the furnace? Next, the editor will help you to understand.

First of all, we need to understand the overall structure of the square aluminum melting furnace. Since the temperatures generated during the production process are different in different parts, different castables must be selected in different parts when selecting. The overall structure of the industrial square aluminum melting furnace includes: The furnace top, upper furnace wall, furnace door, furnace bottom and lower furnace wall, furnace door frame and surroundings, burner, and burner, its structure diagram is shown in the figure below:

Choose Suitable Refractory Castables for Square Aluminum Melting Furnaces

In the above structure, appropriate refractory castables must be selected according to different working conditions. The furnace top mainly includes the furnace top insulation layer and the furnace top working layer. When selecting refractory castables, choose light insulation castables and heavy castables respectively. The upper furnace wall is mainly divided into the upper furnace wall working layer and the upper furnace wall insulation layer, which are mainly made of heavy castables and light insulation castables; the furnace bottom and lower furnace wall are required and have high permeability. Liquid aluminum is in direct contact, so when selecting castables, non-stick aluminum castables, anti-seepage castables, and lightweight insulation castables are the main ones. They are used for the furnace bottom working layer, furnace bottom anti-seepage layer, and furnace bottom insulation respectively. layer; for the furnace door structure, we generally use lightweight insulating castables and high-strength wear-resistant castables to resist long-term friction; the furnace door frame and surrounding areas are mainly made of steel fiber self-flowing high-temperature and high-strength wear-resistant castables, as well as the burner and burner parts are mainly made of self-flowing high-temperature, high-strength and wear-resistant castables.

The above is the selection of refractory castables for various parts of the square aluminum melting furnace. Generally speaking, the insulation layer is generally based on lightweight insulation castables, while the working layer generally needs to be in direct contact with the flame, so heavy castables are used. Mainly, since there are differences in the working temperatures of various parts, the appropriate selection must be made according to the different uses, to ensure that the aluminum melting furnace can work stably in a high-temperature environment.

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