Precautions for Operating Silica Brick Hot Blast Furnace

2023-12-22 17:34:08

After the construction of the high-temperature kiln is completed, the oven must be dried for some time. The oven is very important for the high-temperature kiln. If the oven is not used properly, it will cause the refractory material to peel off and reduce the service life of the kiln. Therefore, in the oven, you must strictly follow the oven precautions when drying the oven correctly. Today I will take you to understand the precautions for operating a silica brick hot blast stove oven.

Precautions for Operating Silica Brick Hot Blast Furnace

1. The oven is required to heat up according to the oven curve.

2. Before igniting the oven, the hot blast furnace flue valve is open and other valves are closed. During the oven, a low negative pressure needs to be maintained in the hot blast furnace (the opening of the flue valve is adjusted according to the flue gas temperature and top suction force). In the early stage of ignition, an ignition gun is used to raise the temperature. One flue valve can be completely closed and the other flue valve can be adjusted for valve opening.

3. When the gas pipeline network pressure is low, contact dispatch in time to ensure the gas supply and avoid stopping the hot air furnace midway.

4. Oven operators should always observe the gas combustion conditions of the oven burners. Due to the high moisture content of the refractory material in the early stage of the oven, the flue suction force will be small, making the flame combustion of the mixed gas burner extremely unstable and difficult to control, so it should be closely observed. Once the flame goes out, you should immediately turn off the mixed gas and air pressure. After 5 to 10 minutes, check and confirm that the residual gas in the furnace has been drained out, and then re-ignite.

5. When adjusting the gas and airflow according to the oven curve, do not adjust continuously. The gas volume needs to be adjusted carefully according to the temperature instructions on the arch side; the gas volume should be adjusted steadily and not too quickly to avoid excessive changes in temperature control. When the temperature on the arch side is low, increase the gas flow appropriately and increase it several times, rather than all at once; when the temperature on the arch side is too high, reduce the gas flow appropriately and do not reduce it too much. Each adjustment should properly adjust the air and gas ratio to ensure that the vault reaches the ideal temperature.

6. If an electrical or mechanical accident occurs and the oven is affected, the gas, air, and other valves on the oven burner should be closed quickly, and the oven should be continued after the accident is dealt with.

7. If there is a problem with the oven temperature due to instrument measurement, repair it immediately. At this time, keep the oven gas volume and combustion air volume unchanged; after waiting for the instrument to be repaired, if the temperature exceeds or falls below the planned value, the heating rate should be adjusted according to the oven curve. Make adjustments; when the temperature is lower than the planned value, the oven time should be extended; if the temperature is higher than the planned value, maintain a constant temperature, and wait until it coincides with the specified oven curve time before continuing to heat up.

8. Adjust the flue valve opening according to the oven time and flue temperature. After the oven is finished, 100℃<exhaust gas temperature≤400℃.

9. During the oven drying process, check the expansion of the newly modified parts of the hot blast furnace body at any time and mark it.

10. If there is a major abnormality in the oven, notify the relevant leaders in time and do a good job of heat preservation.

11. During the blast furnace production, before the other three hot blast furnaces are replaced to release exhaust gas, the on-site oven personnel should be notified in advance to observe the combustion conditions of the burner of the 3# hot blast furnace; when exhaust gas is discharged, the exhaust gas must be discharged slowly to avoid backflow of smoke into 3 #Hot air stove affects the oven.

12. When removing the blind plate of the gas branch pipe, the blast furnace should be prepared in advance, purge after cutting the gas, and detect the gas and oxygen content of the gas pipe. Only after the test is passed, the construction personnel can be notified (the blind plate removal operation time is planned to be completed in 6 to 8 hours).

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