Introduction to Steel Fiber Wear-resistant Castables

2023-12-23 17:28:46

Steel fiber wear-resistant castable is a refractory material with excellent wear resistance. It is mixed with steel fiber, refractory aggregate, binder, and other additives. The steel fiber in the steel fiber wear-resistant castable plays a reinforcing role, improving the compressive and flexural strength of the castable, and also improving the wear resistance.

Introduction to Steel Fiber Wear-resistant Castables

Steel fiber wear-resistant castable has the following characteristics

1. Good wear resistance: The wear resistance of steel fiber wear-resistant castables is much higher than that of traditional refractory castables, and it is especially suitable for parts with severe wear.

2. High compressive strength: The addition of steel fiber gives the castable high compressive strength and can withstand large mechanical loads.

3. High flexural strength: The reinforcement of steel fibers gives the castable a high flexural strength, which is beneficial to improving the stability of the structure.

4. Good thermal shock resistance: Steel fiber wear-resistant castables have good thermal stability at high temperatures and can withstand rapid temperature changes without being prone to rupture.

5. Convenient construction: Steel fiber wear-resistant castable has good fluidity, simple construction, and convenient on-site pouring.

Steel fiber wear-resistant castables are widely used in high-temperature furnaces and equipment in metallurgy, mining, electric power, chemical industry, building materials, and other industries, such as furnaces, coal mills, lime kilns, cement rotary kilns, etc. In these environments with high temperatures and serious wear and tear, steel fiber wear-resistant castables can effectively improve the service life and operational stability of the equipment and reduce maintenance costs.

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