How to Judge the Quality of Refractory Cement

2023-09-05 15:39:05

Refractory cement is the connecting material between refractory bricks and refractory bricks. It is one of the amorphous refractory materials. Although refractory cement is divided into various materials, there are several keys to judging the availability of refractory cement.

The first is the fluidity and viscosity of refractory cement. If the refractory cement has insufficient viscosity, it will not bond during construction, which will delay the construction process. Judging the adhesion at the construction site means that after adding an appropriate proportion of drinking water to the refractory cement, if it is phosphate mud, after adding an appropriate proportion of phosphoric acid binder on site, fill it with a shovel or other utensils, and it will be continuous when it falls Yes, which means liquidity is OK.

The other is bonding time. If it takes two hours for the mortar after construction, it will not condense for a maximum of three hours. Indicates that the use effect is not good. Many manufacturers will use two refractory bricks to wipe the refractory cement before construction. If the initial condensation occurs after 30 times, it means that the refractory cement has a good connection.

Judge the Quality of Refractory Cement

Since refractory materials are an applied discipline, some experiments in the laboratory may not be suitable for field use, so some empirical operations are necessary. Some have good connectivity in the laboratory, but there is no condensation on site, which delays normal construction. At this time, many manufacturers will add CMC or yellow dextrin, the proportion is less than 0.2%, the refractory cement has strong adhesion, and it will condense quickly within two hours without affecting the use effect.

Therefore, before construction, we should ask the manufacturer for some samples for on-site testing, so that we can directly see the quality of refractory cement. Because the availability of refractory cement can be judged in time to avoid the disadvantages of formal use, resulting in delays in normal use.

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