Application of Non-stick Aluminum Castable in the Aluminum Melting Furnace

2023-09-04 15:57:40

We know that aluminum solution has very high activity and permeability. During the smelting process of an aluminum melting furnace, adhesion and penetration often occur that are not conducive to smelting. These will also lead to more impure impurities in the smelted metal. These reasons are all caused by the poor selection of refractory materials for aluminum melting furnaces. To solve this problem, a refractory material such as non-stick aluminum castable has appeared, which is produced for such aluminum melting furnaces.

The reason why non-stick aluminum castables can solve the above problems is mainly that they add different proportions of additives based on high-aluminum castables, which can make the castables dense, and good density can prevent aluminum At the same time, it can form a reflective layer on the surface of the castable to prevent the aluminum liquid from bonding to the castable and destroying the structure of the castable, thus preventing the penetration and adhesion of the aluminum liquid.

Application of Non-stick Aluminum Castable in the Aluminum Melting Furnace

Non-stick aluminum castables can be used in many aluminum melting furnaces mainly because they can extend the service life of aluminum melting furnaces, do not produce aluminum ash or corundum during the smelting process, and can prevent molten aluminum from forming. React with other elements to avoid impurities and increase the weight of aluminum alloy products. This is why non-stick aluminum castables are often used in the construction of aluminum melting furnaces. The specific performance of non-stick aluminum castables is which respected, the next editor will take you to understand:

1. The use of non-stick aluminum castables in construction solves the problem of the reaction of aluminum liquid during the smelting process in the aluminum melting and casting industry. At the same time, no aluminum ash is produced during use, and it does not corrode or nodule, and further The purity of smelting is improved, the quality of aluminum alloy products is improved, the loss of molten aluminum in the smelting process is reduced, and the cost of the enterprise is reduced.

2. Since the non-stick aluminum castable has good thermal stability and thermal shock resistance, it can prevent cracks and thermal stress in the smelting furnace during the smelting process, further ensuring safety during the smelting process.

3. Improve production efficiency. Since the use of non-stick aluminum castables reduces the failure rate of finished products, it reduces the number of rework and scrap words, thus greatly improving production efficiency.

The emergence of non-stick aluminum castables is to solve some problems in the production process of aluminum melting furnaces. This can not only improve efficiency but also reduce costs. This is what every company wants to see, but companies must choose it when purchasing. If the quality of non-stick aluminum castables with stable quality is unstable, it will more or less affect the production efficiency of the enterprise.

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