Working Principle and Use of High Aluminum Heat Storage Balls

2023-09-06 10:58:27

High alumina heat storage balls, also known as spherical heat storage bodies, have the advantages of good thermal shock stability, large heat storage, high strength, easy cleaning, and reusability.

Working principle and characteristics:

1. High-aluminum heat storage balls are many small balls that divide the airflow into small streams. When the airflow flows through the heat conductor, it forms strong turbulence and breaks through the boundary layer on the surface of the heat conductor. The ball diameter is very small and the conduction radius is very small. Small, small thermal resistance, high density, good thermal conductivity, so it can meet the requirements of frequent and rapid reversing of heat conduction burners.

2. The heat conductor can be reversed 20~30 times. After the high-temperature flue gas flows through the heat conductor bed, the flue gas can be reduced to about 130°C and discharged.

3. The high-temperature gas and air can be preheated to only about 100°C lower than the flue gas temperature in the same path through the heat conductor, and the temperature efficiency is as high as more than 90%.

4. Due to the very small size of the heat conductor, the flow capacity of the high-alumina heat storage ball bed is strong, even if the resistance increases after dust accumulation, the heat exchange index will not be affected.

5. High alumina heat storage balls have the characteristics of strong oxidation resistance and slag resistance.

6. It is very convenient to replace and clean high-alumina heat storage balls.

Working Principle and Use of High Aluminum Heat Storage Balls

High aluminum heat storage ball uses:

It is widely used in industrial furnaces such as heating furnaces in steel and metallurgy industries, forging furnaces, etc. It is used as heat storage filler in air separation equipment regenerators and blast furnace gas heating furnaces in steel plants to double preheat gas and air so that the combustion temperature can quickly reach the requirements for billet heating for steel rolling.

Main specifications of high alumina heat storage balls: 3mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm

The main function of the high alumina heat storage ball is to support and cover the catalyst in the reactor. It buffers the effect of liquid and gas on the catalyst, thereby improving the distribution of liquid and gas in the reactor. Then follow the steps below to understand the function of high-alumina heat storage balls and commonly used specifications and models.

The main raw material of high alumina heat storage ball filler is ultrafine alumina powder. After advanced production molding technology and high-temperature tunnel kiln firing, the high-alumina heat storage ball packing has good acid resistance and heat resistance. It also makes the high-aluminum regenerative ball filler balls have the characteristics of high purity, high strength, high-temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance, good thermal stability, and stable chemical properties. Occupy a favorable position and market demand in various major industries.

I just mentioned that high-aluminum heat storage ball packaging balls are in great demand in major industries. So in which industries are they mainly used?

High aluminum regenerative ball packing balls are used in petroleum, chemical, and other industries, such as tower packing balls, catalyst carriers, petrochemical equipment, chemical fiber equipment, alkylbenzene, ethylene equipment, natural gas plants, and other hydro refining equipment, etc. Catalytic reforming units, isomerization units, and demethylation units are ideal fillers for chemical, metallurgical, natural gas, petroleum, and other industries.

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