How to Choose High Aluminum Castables

2023-11-02 16:48:07

There are many types of high-aluminum castables, including non-stick aluminum castables, corundum castables, high-aluminum refractory cement, etc., but only those with an alumina content of more than 74% are called high-aluminum castables. There are so many types of high-aluminum castables. How do we choose during use? Next, the editor will help you to understand.

First of all, we must understand that high-aluminum castables, as a kind of unshaped refractory material, are often used in kiln projects with irregular shapes. Generally, when we choose high-aluminum castables, we should base them on the purpose of the kiln and the type of materials used. Select the location, refractory temperature, whether it is corrosive, thermal shock resistance, etc., and then use it by pouring.

How to Choose High Aluminum Castables

When selecting high-aluminum castables, we need to judge what the kiln is used for. We separate each part of the kiln according to the purpose of use because the temperatures generated by different parts of the kiln during the smelting process are also different. Generally speaking, the working temperature of high-aluminum castables is between 1300℃-1400℃. When it exceeds 1400℃, corundum castables must be selected. Then we will judge whether the smelted material is corrosive. If it is acidic or alkaline corrosion, we must choose high-aluminum castables with corrosion resistance. Not only that, the material may be washed away or the temperature may change due to high temperature during the smelting process. We also need to consider the resistance of high-aluminum castables. Wearability and thermal shock resistance are issues we need to consider when selecting high-aluminum castables.

The selection of high-aluminum castables largely determines the quality of high-temperature kilns. If inappropriate high-aluminum castables are selected, it will lead to cracking of the kiln and impurity of the smelting material. Therefore, we must base our selection on We confirm the materials we smelt and the temperature of each part. If you can’t make a good judgment here, you can consult with professional technicians. The professional technicians will determine the shape of your kiln and the materials you smelt. , smelting temperature, and a series of factors to make a comprehensive judgment to select the appropriate high-aluminum castable for you.

Everyone must know how to choose high-aluminum castables. Next, the editor will give you a summary. When we choose high-aluminum castables, we should consider the shape of the kiln, the location of use, the refractory temperature, and whether the smelting material has corrosive properties and thermal shock resistance the material so that a suitable high-aluminum castable can be selected.

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