How Much Does Lightweight Insulation Brick Cost?

2023-11-01 15:04:32

With the increasing awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, lightweight thermal insulation refractory bricks have been widely used in kiln design in high-temperature industries. They not only conform to the concept of environmental protection skills but also greatly improve work efficiency and reduce the production investment cost of enterprises.

First of all, lightweight insulation bricks refer to refractory products with high porosity, small volume, and low thermal conductivity. Their main features are porous structure (porosity is generally 40%~85%) and high thermal insulation performance. In terms of construction, lightweight insulation bricks are light in weight, which greatly reduces the weight of the kiln. The construction is simple and convenient, reducing labor intensity and improving work efficiency.

Lightweight Insulation Brick Price

What is the price of lightweight insulation bricks? I believe it is a question that most people are more concerned about. Henan Sun Hung Kai Refractory Materials Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of lightweight insulation bricks, gave some responses to this question: Due to the wide variety of lightweight insulation bricks, traditional lightweight insulation bricks include lightweight diatomaceous earth insulation bricks and lightweight mullite bricks, alumina hollow ball bricks, high alumina concentrating bricks, lightweight clay bricks, etc. In terms of the price of insulation bricks, it is said that the current ex-factory price of standard bricks T-3 (230*14*65mm) ranges from 2 yuan to 20 yuan, and the prices vary depending on the material.

The specifications of lightweight bricks are generally the most common, and the T-3 (230*14*65mm) standard model bricks with the largest purchase volume are about 588 pieces per cubic meter. Due to different material densities, the weight per cubic meter is also different. The volume density of commonly used lightweight insulation bricks is 0.5-1.0g/cm. So each cubic meter is about 500kg-1000kg.

Generally speaking, the price of lightweight insulation bricks ranges from a few hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. In addition, if the size and model need to be customized according to the furnace type and drawings, the price will be higher. Of course, before choosing insulation bricks, try to conduct technical docking with the insulation brick manufacturers and carefully select the most suitable materials.

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