Applicable Scenarios for High-strength Wear-resistant Castables

2023-09-12 17:05:55

High-strength wear-resistant castables are suitable for severely worn parts of industrial kilns. Their density is higher than that of general refractory castables. They have strong wear resistance and can withstand high-temperature impact and soft-load shearing capabilities.

The biggest characteristics of wear-resistant castables are pressure resistance, bending resistance, and wear resistance. This has something to do with the coolness of the craftsmanship and the use of raw materials. The raw materials used in wear-resistant materials contain high aluminum content and high volume density, and the particles in the process ratio are larger than ordinary materials. Adding a certain proportion of silicon carbide composite in the process can improve the bending resistance and wear resistance of the castable.

If a reasonable proportion of steel fibers is added to the wear-resistant castable, the tensile capacity can be improved and the use effect will be better. During the production process, adding heat-resistant stainless steel fibers to aggregates and powders can prevent differences at high temperatures and resist stress caused by temperature gradient changes when starting and stopping the furnace. The integrity of the furnace wall after pouring also increases traction capacity due to the addition of steel fibers. If nickel-plated stainless steel is added to stainless steel, it will be more resistant to high temperatures, enhance friction resistance, and enhance fatigue resistance.

High-strength wear-resistant castables also have different densities and indicators. Different quality castables are selected according to the furnace temperature and furnace atmosphere. No matter how the quality level changes, the wear resistance of each quality castable is the same.

Applicable Scenarios for High-strength Wear-resistant Castables

High-strength and wear-resistant castables are most suitable for front and rear arch furnace walls of various boilers, and can also be used for waste incinerator walls. Composite wear-resistant castables are also commonly used in electric furnace covers, heating furnace bottoms, cement rotary kiln exits, gear rings, etc.

High-strength and wear-resistant castable is a material that is very suitable for the front and rear arch furnace walls of various boilers. It can not only cope with the high-temperature flue gas of the boiler but also withstand the impact and wear from raw materials and waste. At the same time, this castable can also be used in waste incineration furnace walls, effectively extending the service life of the furnace wall.

In addition to boilers and waste incinerator walls, composite wear-resistant castables are also widely used in the wear-resistant protection of other equipment. For example, the electric furnace cover, heating furnace bottom, cement rotary kiln outlet, gear ring, and other parts can be protected by this castable.

The advantage of high-strength and wear-resistant castables lies not only in their high strength and wear-resistant properties but also in their flexibility and reliability. It can adapt to different working environments and process requirements, while also maintaining stable performance during long-term use.

In short, as an excellent material, high-strength wear-resistant castables can effectively protect important parts of various equipment and extend their service life. Its wide range of applications and reliable performance make it one of the indispensable and important materials in the industrial field.

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