Which Non-stick Aluminum Castable is Better?

2023-11-07 16:18:50

Non-stick aluminum castable is a refractory castable used in the aluminum smelting industry. It is widely used in the aluminum melting and casting industry. Although the melting point of the aluminum solution is not high, the aluminum solution has high activity and can penetrate molten aluminum. Furnace lining can cause cracks and lining spalling in the aluminum melting furnace, as well as slag and nodules. To avoid such phenomena, non-stick aluminum castables specially used in the aluminum melting and casting industry have come out. Castables, so which non-stick aluminum castables are better?

Xinhongji Refractory is a company engaged in the research, development, production, and sales of refractory materials. Since its establishment, the company has insisted on providing customers with high-quality, high-performance refractory materials products. The company has been committed to research and development to serve the refractory industry. Contributing to the development, the refractory materials produced by Xinhongji Refractory have been well received by customers.

Non-stick Aluminum Castable

The non-stick aluminum castables of Xinhongji Refractory have the characteristics of high fire resistance, corrosion resistance, and non-stick aluminum. They can effectively avoid the above problems and can be used in the bottom of the aluminum melting furnace, the lower furnace wall, the slag removal slope, the Chute, the aluminum water ladle, and other severely corroded parts, after applying this product, the corrosion of these parts of the aluminum melting furnace has been greatly alleviated. The main reason is that the company has made a lot of improvements in the non-stick aluminum castables from the screening of raw materials, the optimization of the formula to the production process, improving the quality of the products, and ensuring the stability of the non-stick aluminum castables through continuous testing and improvement and strength. At the same time, the company continues to optimize costs, reduce costs, and improve quality, thereby improving the competitiveness of non-stick aluminum castables.

Xinhongji Refractory continues to innovate, meet challenges, and meet customer needs through high-quality product quality and services. At the same time, facing the future, the company will continue to increase research and development efforts and investment and continue to launch new refractory products and Technological innovation to meet changing market demands, promote the development of the industry, and improve its hard power.

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