Which Lime Kiln Castable is Better

2023-06-24 14:58:33

The lime kiln is mainly a kind of equipment used to produce industrial lime. Common kiln mouths include sleeve kiln, double-chamber kiln, double-beam kiln, rotary kiln, mixed-material vertical kiln, etc. The lime kiln is mainly composed of a kiln body, It is composed of a feeding device, material distribution device, combustion device, ash unloading device, electrical appliances, instrument control device, dust removal device, etc. When choosing refractory in lime kiln construction, it should be selected according to different kiln shapes and actual use conditions. Today, Xinhongji Refractory will briefly introduce which kind of lime kiln castable is better.

Limekiln Lime calcining kiln has two types of kiln type: vertical kiln and rotary kiln. Generally, castables are used in the two positions of the lime rotary kiln preheater and the front and rear kiln mouths, but the two positions are based on the usage conditions. The castables used are different.

1. Refractory materials for the working layer: high alumina bricks (or clay bricks). The brick design of the rotary kiln is very important. In the high-temperature combustion section and the impact section of cloth feeding, refractory castables should be used instead of refractory bricks in the working layer, which have better integrity, wear resistance, and refractoriness.

2. Refractory material for heat insulation layer: In addition to the furnace roof, light refractory bricks + refractory fiber layer are used.

3. Refractory materials for burning nozzles: mullite refractory castables are required to be prefabricated into large burning bricks in advance for direct installation and use.

4. Refractory materials for flue gas pipes: Generally, refractory smear materials are used, which are convenient for construction and durable.

The refractories used in the lime kiln must be selected according to the kiln’s own conditions when selecting the refractories for the lining. In short, the proper lining will create the capacity.

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