What is Steel Fiber Castable?

2023-11-24 14:46:38

Steel fiber castable is a refractory castable made of corundum or high-alumina bauxite clinker as aggregate, aluminate cement as binder, and an appropriate amount of additives. The heat-resistant steel fibers used in steel fiber refractory castables should be selected according to the usage conditions of thermal equipment, and their appropriate dosage should be determined.

Compared with ordinary castables, steel fiber castables are refractory castables that are mixed with 1% (volume %) heat-resistant steel fibers after undergoing ten rapid cooling and rapid heating cycles of 25°C water-1100°C-25°C water. The flexural strength is 2-4.5 times that of ordinary refractory castables (after ten cycles, the flexural strength of ordinary refractory castables decreased by 40-60%, while the flexural strength of refractory castables mixed with 1% (volume %) heat-resistant steel fibers The flexural strength of the material only dropped by 10 to 30%).

From experimental comparisons, it can be seen that steel fiber castables have the characteristics of high flexural (tensile) strength, thermal shock resistance, impact resistance, and excellent wear resistance.

Steel fiber castables have been successfully used as linings for various industrial kilns (including various types of cement kilns, drying furnaces, heating furnaces, etc.). The main parts used in cement kilns are pre-calciner kilns, preheater kilns, and the kiln mouth of the wet kiln. The chain belt of the wet kiln, the annular elbow part of the multi-cylinder cooler, and the square cylinder part of the feed port of the multi-cylinder cooler, etc. The common requirements for refractory lining materials in these parts are good wear resistance, impact resistance, and thermal shock resistance.

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