The Composition, Characteristics and Uses of Steel Fiber Reinforced Castables

2023-11-27 17:07:01

Composition of steel fiber reinforced castable

Steel fiber reinforced castable is a refractory castable composed of refractory aggregates, binders, and admixtures. Because heat-resistant steel fibers of a certain size are added to it (the amount is generally 1% to 3%), it is called steel fiber—reinforced castables.

Steel fiber reinforced castables can also be divided into clay steel fiber castables, high alumina fiber castables, corundum fiber castables, etc. according to customer needs.

Characteristics of steel fiber reinforced castables

1. Inhibit the shrinkage of castables;

2. Resistant to mechanical impact, strong toughness, and high strength;

3. Good thermal shock resistance;

4. Good thermal stress and crack resistance;

Uses of steel fiber-reinforced castables

Steel fiber-reinforced castables are often used to construct industrial furnace linings that are in contact with high-temperature gases and solid materials, such as heating furnace roofs, soaking furnace covers and walls, heat treatment furnace linings, and CFB boiler high-temperature cyclone separator linings—cement rotary kiln cooling cylinder lining roasting furnace lining, etc.

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