The Meaning of Refractory Brick SK34

2024-01-16 16:12:44

SK34 is a material grade or standard for refractory bricks, usually used to indicate its fire-resistant performance and use. SK34 refractory bricks generally refer to a refractory material whose main feature is its ability to withstand relatively high temperatures and are commonly used for lining high-temperature industrial furnaces, kilns and furnaces, and other similar applications.

Meaning of Refractory Brick SK34

Specifically, the meaning of SK34 refractory bricks is as follows:

“SK”: This is a common naming method for refractory bricks, used to identify the type of brick. Different letter and number combinations represent different fire resistance properties and uses.

“34”: This is the grade or grade of SK34 refractory bricks. SK34 usually indicates medium fire resistance and is suitable for use under moderate temperature and pressure conditions. SK34 refractory bricks are typically able to withstand temperatures of approximately 1300 degrees Celsius to 1400 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, SK34 refractory bricks are often used for lining industrial furnaces, sintering furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, sintering furnaces, and other high-temperature equipment requiring moderate refractory properties. Different grades of refractory bricks are suitable for different temperatures and chemical environmental conditions, so when selecting refractory bricks, the appropriate grade needs to be determined based on specific application requirements.

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