The Firing Process of Refractory Bricks

2023-11-04 14:42:05

The firing process of refractory bricks includes charging, firing, and discharging.

The charging method and quality of refractory bricks have a great impact on the operation of the kiln and product quality. Xinhongji Refractory believes that it directly affects the heat transfer rate of the products in the kiln, the size of the combustion space, and the uniformity of airflow distribution, and is also related to the firing time and fuel consumption. The principle of kiln installation is that the brick stack should be stable, the fire path distribution should be reasonable, and the airflow should be evenly heated according to the distribution of the amount of bricks installed in each part.

Products of different specifications and varieties should be installed at appropriate locations in the kiln to maximize the effective space in the kiln and increase the loading capacity. Carry out the kiln loading operation according to the pre-made brick loading diagram, which stipulates the brick loading height, arrangement, spacing, stacking positions of different types, the size and number of fire escapes, etc. The technical indicators of refractory brick loading include loading Density (T/m3), effective cross-sectional area (%), the heating speed of the product in the kiln is related to the effective cross-sectional area, effective heating area, and heating uniformity.

The operation of the refractory brick kiln is carried out according to the established firing system. For intermittent kilns, heating, holding, and cooling are divided into three stages, while continuous kilns only need to maintain the temperature of each part of the kiln car system. To ensure the firing temperature system and firing atmosphere, the pressure system in the kiln should also be maintained. To ensure the uniformity and stability of product quality, the temperature difference in the kiln should be eliminated and reduced as much as possible.

Refractory brick discharge from the kiln is the process of taking out the fired refractory brick products from the kiln or unloading them from the kiln car. Products of different brick numbers and varieties should be strictly distinguished.

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