Application Fields of Refractory Balls

2023-11-03 10:30:01

The refractory ball itself has high heat resistance, so people often use it as a heating fuel for heating industrial furnaces. The refractory ball has a stable and continuous heating function, which can make the customer’s industrial furnace run continuously and make the products in the industrial furnace quickly dissolve. As for which fields will use refractory balls, this article starts from the following three aspects.

1. Chemical industry

Cheap refractory balls are usually used in the chemical industry because the chemical industry often refines some chemicals. These chemicals need to dissolve at stable temperatures. If the temperature is unstable, the chemicals in the heating furnace will produce a certain degree of chemical reaction, which may affect the safety of the customer’s chemical plant and put the personnel and instruments inside the chemical plant in a relatively unsafe environment.

2. Natural gas fields

Quality-assured refractory balls are available for natural gas applications. Because people in natural gas fields need to heat more things and the output is relatively large, refractory balls have more application opportunities in the natural gas field. Refractory balls help natural gas companies heat furnaces to varying degrees. Customers can change the number of refractory balls according to their needs.

3. Machinery factory

Various types of fire-resistant balls have long been helping workers in machine shops. Because refractory balls can heat a variety of heating furnaces, they steadily release heat during heating. Yes, the mechanical casting process is smoother and more orderly than before. When casting new machinery, people usually choose convenient and familiar heating furnaces and heating fuels. A refractory ball is one of them. It is a heating fuel that workers are familiar with and often use.

To sum up, we know that the application fields of refractory balls are very wide. They have not only been used in mechanical production equipment for a long time but also contribute as much as possible to the light and heat in the natural gas industry and chemical industry. People are happy to use refractory balls to heat their stoves because they trust them.

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