Sintered AZS Bricks for Glass Kiln

2023-07-19 17:11:13

Sintered AZS brick for glass kilns is a kind of refractory material used in glass kilns with zircon and alumina as the main raw materials. AZS stands for A12O3, ZrO2, and SiO2 respectively. It is an indispensable refractory for key parts of the glass kiln. The material can be in direct contact with the glass liquid and can resist the erosion of the glass liquid at the same time.

Features of sintered AZS bricks for glass kiln

1. High refractoriness. Sintered AZS bricks have high refractoriness and can reach above 1790°C, which is a high-grade refractory material.

2. High softening temperature under load. Sintered AZS bricks have fewer impurities, and the load-softening temperature of aluminum-zirconium products can be above 1550-1650 °C.

3. Good thermal shock resistance. Sintered AZS bricks for glass kilns have good thermal shock resistance.

4. Good chemical corrosion resistance. Aluminum-zirconium refractory products are resistant to acid or alkaline slag, molten metal erosion, oxidation, and reduction reactions, and are enhanced with the increase of AL2O3 content and the decrease of harmful impurity content.

Sintered AZS Bricks for Glass Kiln

The development of my country’s glass industry is relatively rapid, and it has been at the forefront of the world in recent years. The rapid development of the glass industry is also promoting the continuous development and innovation of refractory materials used in glass kilns. Today’s glass industry requires refractory materials not only to improve the combustion efficiency Strength, but also to improve heat conduction efficiency, and at the same time ensure that heat loss is reduced and pollution to the environment is reduced.

The continuous progress of glass furnaces is also forcing our refractory materials to make changes, which will require refractory materials to withstand higher temperatures, more rapid temperature changes, severe chemical erosion, and more severe stress damage. , as the basic material of glass furnaces, continuous development, and innovation can give our glass industry greater room for improvement, whether it is energy saving, emission reduction, or cost reduction, it is a great improvement.

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