Application Occasions of High Purity Corundum Brick

2023-07-20 17:04:45

High-purity corundum brick refers to a high-temperature refractory brick with an alumina content of more than 90%. It is a refractory product with corundum as the main crystal phase. It has good chemical stability and is resistant to acidic or alkaline slag, metal Liquid glass, etc. have strong resistance.

Characteristics of high-purity corundum bricks

1. It has high normal temperature compressive strength and high load softening start temperature.

2. It has good chemical stability and good corrosion resistance of molten glass.

3. Good wear resistance and erosion resistance, long service life

Application Occasions of High Purity Corundum Brick

The use of high-purity corundum bricks

In the glass industry, high-purity corundum bricks are mainly used as the upper space of the glass kiln that is not in contact with the glass liquid, as well as the slides and rails of the steel rolling heating furnace, and can also be used as the residue gasifier, coal gasifier, carbon black reaction furnace, Lining material for pulp waste liquid gasifier and other industrial furnaces.

The production process of high-purity corundum brick

The production process of sintered corundum bricks is to crush the sintered corundum bricks to 3mm coarse particles and some fine powders less than 0.074mm, and some of them add a small amount of clay and other binders for kneading and use high-pressure friction brick presses or hydraulic presses to shape the bricks. After drying, put it at a high temperature and burn it. Generally, the sintered corundum brick with higher purity has a firing temperature of 1750-1800°C. If a small amount of clay or additives is added, the firing temperature can be 1600~1700°C.

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