Refractories for Gas Combustion Furnaces

2023-06-08 11:31:07

The operating environment of the coal gasifier is poor, and the requirements for the use of the refractory lining are relatively strict. General refractory products cannot meet the requirements for use at all, and special refractory products are needed. How to choose refractory materials suitable for the coal gasifier? Please see the introduction of the materials of the fire surface, backing, heat insulation layer, and compressible layer of the gasifier below.

The refractories used in gasifiers are easily damaged by refractory bricks, the inner layer facing the fire surface. The working conditions of refractory bricks are very poor: high temperatures up to 1700 ℃, chemical gas erosion, carbon black wear, heavy oil ash corrosion, and drastic changes in temperature and pressure, so special refractory bricks are required.

What are the requirements for refractories in coal gasifiers?

High-pressure high-temperature slag gasifiers have stricter requirements on refractory materials. In addition to meeting the strength requirements for high-temperature protection of pressure vessels, the corrosion of furnace bricks by slag in high-pressure oxidizing and reducing atmospheres should also be considered. This requires the refractory material of the gasifier to have the following characteristics.

1. It has high-temperature heat resistance to reduce radial heat dissipation, which requires that the interior of the refractory material may withstand a temperature difference of about 1000°C from 40 mm to 200 mm.

2. Ensure high-temperature strength to resist the erosion and wear of gas and slag, and will not cause hot spots due to local damage in the pressure vessel due to poor high-temperature performance of refractory materials.

3. Since the temperature change may reach hundreds of degrees in a short period of time, it has high thermal shock stability and can withstand the thermal stress caused by temperature mutation.

4. It has low porosity, high quality per unit volume, and strong slag resistance to resist the erosion of molten ash.

It is chemically stable at high temperatures and has little or no chemical reaction with other ingredients.

In addition, the application performance of refractory materials has a great relationship with their heating and maintenance. Failure to maintain or increase the temperature according to the requirements of refractory materials will affect the service life of refractory materials.

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