Analysis of Refractories for Aluminum Melting Furnace

2023-06-09 11:09:21

Typical aluminum smelting furnace lining refractory materials are usually made of high-alumina refractory materials, Si3N4 combined with SiC refractory materials. When high-alumina refractory materials are used, since the components such as SiO2 and impurities Fe2O3 in the refractory materials will be reduced to Si and Fe and melt into metallic aluminum, it is difficult to obtain high-purity metallic aluminum.

When Si3N4 combined with SiC refractories is used, although impurities can be reduced and melted into metallic aluminum, higher purity metallic aluminum can be obtained, since Si3N4 combined with SiC refractories contains Si components, there is still metal aluminum from Danger of Si pickup in refractory materials.

Therefore, producing extremely high-purity aluminum requires a refractory material that does not introduce impurities.

According to the chemical principle, among the existing refractory products, it is considered that the corundum refractory material produced by using the same raw material as the aluminum metal—Al2O3 as the raw material can meet the above requirements. This kind of corundum refractory material is mainly made of sintered alumina or tabular alumina and mixed with an appropriate amount of alumina micro powder. The key technology is to use a pure matrix to achieve a self-cleaning structure of alumina to obtain high Strength without melting into the metal aluminum.

In addition, since the temperature changes greatly during the aluminum smelting process of the aluminum plant, the lining refractory material used for the aluminum smelting furnace should have the characteristics of no peeling off and good thermal shock resistance under sudden temperature changes. It can be seen that a corundum refractory material with high thermal shock resistance and high thermal shock resistance is an important refractory material for the production of high-purity aluminum. The content of Al2O3 in this corundum refractory material is greater than 94%, and it has high thermal shock resistance, and its performance indicators are shown in the table.

When Al brick (Al2O3 content is 94%) is used as the lining of the smelting furnace for smelting 99.99% Al, it is found that the impurities in the produced metal aluminum are significantly reduced, and there are fewer impurities than the Si3N4 combined SiC brick lining. Further research proved that the smelting furnace built with 94% Al2O3 corundum bricks was used to produce 99.999% Al and 99.9999% Al successfully. It can be seen that this kind of special corundum brick with a dense structure and an A12O3 content greater than 94% is a refractory material for the production of high-purity metal aluminum by increasing the matrix and strengthening the bond.

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