How Much is a Ton of Lightweight Acid-resistant Castables

2023-08-02 11:23:31

Lightweight acid-resistant castable is a kind of refractory castable used in kiln lining, flue, and other occasions with acid resistance, low thermal conductivity, and lightweight. How much is a ton of lightweight acid-resistant castable has always been our favorite The issue of concern is that light acid-resistant castables are generally in the price range of 1500-3000/ton according to the price positioning in the market, and their prices also fluctuate with different factors.

Price of Lightweight Acid Resistant Castable

Generally speaking, there are many factors that affect the price of lightweight acid-resistant castables, such as the price and cost of raw materials, the labor costs of various manufacturers, the transportation costs, and the production processes of various manufacturers. Factors affecting the price of lightweight acid-resistant castables. At the same time, market demand is another factor affecting light-weight acid-resistant castables. The market demand is large and the production volume of manufacturers is large. In this way, the cost of raw materials can be further reduced, so the price will also increase. However, if the market demand is small, the cost will rise, and the price will also rise.

The price of light acid-resistant castables will fluctuate according to market fluctuations. Whether it is market demand or the rise of raw materials, it is affecting the price of light acid-resistant castables. When purchasing light acid-resistant castables, we must compare with many companies, not only the price of the product but also the quality of the product is very important. We can discuss with the manufacturer to send some samples for trial use. If it is suitable, we will purchase it in large quantities, so that we can choose a cost-effective product.

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