Precautions in Refractory Mud Masonry

2023-10-16 14:26:40

Refractory mud is the joint material for connecting refractory bricks, so ensuring the adhesion of refractory cement is the key during the construction process. Today I will take you to understand the precautions in refractory mud masonry.

1. Control the water consumption of refractory cement

During the use of refractory mud, the water consumption must be strictly controlled. If too much water is added, the water slurry will separate. If too little water is added, uneven mixing of the raw materials may occur, which will lead to the inability to carry out construction on site.

2. Control the construction environment temperature

During the use of refractory mud, the temperature of the construction environment must be controlled. When the temperature exceeds 35°C, the refractory mud solidifies too quickly, causing the refractory bricks to harden without time to put the refractory mud between the bricks. If the construction is carried out in winter when the temperature is lower than 5℃, the refractory mud will not have enough viscosity, and construction will not be possible. In this case, it is necessary to add CMC or other binders or find ways to improve the construction. The temperature on site allowed construction to proceed normally.

Precautions in Refractory Mud Masonry

3. Control the thickness of gray joints

Under the action of high-temperature stress, the thickness of the refractory plaster joints cannot exceed 2mm. If it exceeds this thickness, 2% softening and deformation will occur under high temperatures, which will also affect the overall construction progress.

4. Use refractory mud with the same physical and chemical indicators as refractory bricks

In the actual application of refractory mud, not only do refractory bricks need to be bonded and built into an integral lining, but the working environment of refractory mud is the same as that of refractory bricks. They also have to withstand high temperatures, airflow erosion, erosion, and other erosions, so the refractory mud the physical and chemical indicators should be the same as the refractory bricks being laid.

The use of refractory mud is also very important in the process of building high-temperature kilns. It is a key factor to ensure the smoothness of the masonry and the overall performance of the high-temperature kiln. Therefore, we must strictly follow the usage specifications during use to ensure refractory resistance. The cohesiveness and bonding quality of mud.

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