Low Cement Castable Properties

2023-06-07 14:29:50

Low cement castables have the characteristics of high strength and high-temperature resistance. Low-cement castables refer to castables with a lower amount of cement. The cement dosage of refractory cement castables is generally 15%-20%, and the cement dosage of low-cement castables is about 5%, and some even reduce it to 1%-2%. The purpose of reducing the cement dosage is to improve the refractory of castables performance.

It relies on the addition of several special raw materials to obtain good performance
1. Pure calcium aluminate cement, because of the high content of effective minerals CaO·Al2O3, the required strength can be obtained with less mixing.
2. Silica fume, glass beads with a SiO2 content between 93% and 98% and an average particle size of about 0.5 μm. After adding silica fume, the castable has good fluidity, low water demand for molding, low sintering temperature, and improved performance after heat treatment.
3. Alumina micro powder, is easier to participate in the reaction and improve the fire resistance of the material.
4. Water reducer, which can be adsorbed on the surface of the powder, and then produce electrostatic repulsion to disperse powder, so as to further play the role of micro powder.

The production process of low-cement castables is simple, labor-saving, and energy-saving, with high construction efficiency and good quality, and materials with excellent performance can be prepared or selected on-site according to needs. Therefore, low-cement castable is a kind of amorphous refractory material with a large amount and wide application range in furnace construction.

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