What is Lightweight Refractory Castable

2023-12-12 16:54:37

Lightweight refractory castable is a castable that is lightweight, fire-resistant, and heat-insulating. It is composed of high-temperature stable materials a certain amount of lightweight aggregates (such as expanded perlite, expanded vermiculite, etc.), and an appropriate amount of binders and additives.

The main characteristics of lightweight refractory castables are low density, small thermal conductivity, and good thermal insulation properties. It is lighter, more energy-saving, and more environmentally friendly than traditional refractory materials. Lightweight refractory castables are widely used in the manufacture and maintenance of various industrial furnaces, pipes, chimneys, boilers, and other refractory structures.

There are many types of lightweight refractory castables, which can be divided into many types according to different uses. For example, high-aluminum lightweight refractory castables, expanded perlite lightweight refractory castables, high-temperature insulation castables, acid-resistant castables, etc. Each type of castable has its unique characteristics and scope of application, and users should choose according to specific circumstances.

When using lightweight refractory castables, it should be noted that the operation must be carried out according to the requirements of the instruction manual, especially the mixing ratio, water addition, etc. need to be accurately controlled. In addition, it is necessary to control the moisture of the castable to avoid cracks and damage to the castable caused by excessive moisture.

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