Introduction to High Aluminum and High Strength Castables

2023-12-11 17:30:36

High-strength high-alumina castable is a refractory castable with aluminate cement as the binding agent and high-aluminum aggregate and micro-powder (such as α-Al2O3 micro-powder, etc.) as the main raw materials. High-strength and high-aluminum castables have high compressive strength, flexural strength, and thermal shock resistance, and can maintain good stability in high-temperature environments.

The characteristics of high-strength and high-aluminum castables are as follows:

1. Excellent high-temperature performance: Due to the high refractoriness of high-aluminum aggregate and high-alumina cement, high-strength high-aluminum castables have excellent high-temperature performance and can be used in environments up to 1000°C.

2. High strength: High-strength and high-aluminum castables have high compressive strength and flexural strength and can maintain stable structural performance under various complex working conditions.

3. Good thermal shock resistance: Since the aggregates and micro powder selected in high-strength and high-aluminum castables have low thermal expansion coefficients, they have good thermal shock resistance and are suitable for use in high-temperature equipment.

4. Chemical corrosion resistance: High-strength and high-aluminum castables have good acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance, and corrosion resistance, and are suitable for situations where chemical corrosion may occur in chemical, petroleum, and other industries.

5. Construction performance: High-strength and high-aluminum castables have good construction performance and can be constructed by pouring, spraying, wiping, and other methods, with high construction efficiency.

High-strength and high-aluminum castables are widely used in various industrial furnaces and equipment in metallurgy, petrochemicals, building materials, electric power, and other industries, such as bamboo charcoal and charcoal factory kiln covers, steel furnaces, petrochemical furnaces, cement kilns, glass melting furnaces, waste heat power generation equipment wait. When using high-strength and high-aluminum castables, the appropriate formula and construction method should be selected according to specific working conditions and requirements to ensure their performance and service life.

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