Introduction to the Size of Refractory Bricks

2023-06-13 10:24:13

Refractory brick is a kind of refractory material used to build smelting furnaces and combustion kilns. It is made of refractory clay or other refractory raw materials. It can withstand high temperatures of more than 1700 degrees. The size of refractory bricks is very large. Choose according to different use environments. Generally speaking, refractory bricks can be divided into shaped refractory bricks and unshaped refractory bricks.

1. Shaped refractory bricks

Shaped refractory bricks are generally fixed in size, also known as general refractory bricks. General refractory bricks are divided into five types: straight bricks, thick wedge bricks, vertical thick wedge bricks, vertical wedge bricks, and arch foot bricks. It is generally used for the masonry of right-angled walls and radial walls of thermal equipment in industrial kilns. Usually, the common specifications of shaped refractory bricks are G-shaped bricks and T-shaped bricks.

1. The common straight bricks in our life, their common sizes are: 230*114*65mm, 230×150×75mm, 345×150×75mm, 230×150/135×75mm, 345×150/130 ×75mm, 230×150/120×75mm, 345×150/110×75mm.

2. The common sizes of wedge-shaped refractory bricks that are common in our daily life are: 114×65/35×230mm, 114×65/45×230mm, 114×65/55×230mm, 114×55/45×230mm, 114× 75/45×230mm, 114×75/55×230mm, 114×75/65×230mm, 114×70/60×230mm, 114×85/55×230mm, 114×80/50×230mm.

3. The common sizes of arch foot bricks in our life are: 132×114×230×33mm, 199×114×230×84mm, 199×114×230×36mm, 266×230×114×67mm, 199×345 ×73×49mm, 266×345×73×54mm.

2. Unshaped refractory brick

Unshaped refractory bricks are generally those refractory bricks whose shape is not fixed, and are generally called special-shaped bricks. The main shapes of refractory bricks include knife-shaped bricks, ax bricks, burner bricks, checker bricks, fan-shaped bricks, wind-guiding wall bricks, etc. In terms of materials, there are clay special-shaped bricks, High-alumina special-shaped bricks, aluminum-carbon special-shaped bricks, magnesia-carbon special-shaped bricks, corundum special-shaped bricks, magnesia bricks, silica bricks, etc.

The above are some introductions to the size of refractory bricks. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. When choosing, you must choose according to your actual situation. Generally, the weight of ordinary refractory bricks is about 2kg to 8kg. The weight of refractory bricks is basically 2kg to 15kg.

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