Introduction and Classification of Castables

2023-06-12 11:31:33

Castables, also known as refractory castables, are composed of three parts: cement, aggregate, and admixture, and sometimes a glue accelerator is added. It is a granular and powdery material made of refractory materials and a certain amount of binder. It has High fluidity, and unshaped refractory material formed by casting.

Refractory castables are usually classified according to the size of the porosity, the selected binder or bonding method, the type of aggregate, and the construction method.

1. According to the classification of cementation, refractory castables can be divided into hydration-bonded refractory castables, chemically bonded (including polymerization bonded) refractory castables, refractory castables combined with hydration and polymerization (typical representatives are low cement bonded refractory castables) There are four types of refractory castables combined with condensation.

2. According to whether the refractory castable contains cement or CaO content, it can be simply divided into four categories: ordinary refractory castable, low cement refractory castable, ultra-low cement refractory castable, and cement-free refractory castable.

The castables produced by Xinhongji Refractory include non-stick aluminum castables, anti-seepage castables, self-retained high-temperature high-strength wear-resistant castables, lightweight thermal insulation castables, corrosion-resistant heavy castables, steel fiber castables, castable prefabricated parts, corundum mullite castables, silicon carbide castables.

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