Introduction to Refractory Fiber Castables

2023-12-27 17:33:22

Refractory fiber castable is a material made of refractory fiber as aggregate or filler and combined with chemical binders and admixtures. Its main feature is low thermal conductivity and its applicable temperature range is 1000~1300℃. Refractory fiber castables are widely used in medium and low-temperature thermal equipment such as heat treatment furnaces and petrochemical tubular heating furnaces. They can be used as ideal lining materials and are of great significance in improving the performance of kilns.

Refractory Fiber Castables

Features and Benefits

1. Low thermal conductivity: Refractory fiber castables have extremely low thermal conductivity, which is beneficial to energy saving.

2. Easy construction: The castable has a simple preparation method and can be constructed by pouring or applying by hand. It can also be used as prefabricated blocks.

3. Wide application: Refractory fiber castables are suitable for various industrial kilns. With the promotion of lightweight and energy-saving furnace types, its application scope will be further broadened.

4. Development prospects: With the development of industrial kilns, it will become an inevitable trend to increase the variety and improve the performance of refractory fiber castables.

Application areas

Refractory fiber castables are widely used in the steelmaking industry, especially as a protective layer for steelmaking ladles. Its bulk density is 1.8~2.0g/am², and it has excellent high-temperature performance. Even if the working lining of the ladle is damaged or burned through, it can resist the erosion of a ladle of molten steel, thereby ensuring a smooth casting process.

Introduction to other types of products

In addition to refractory fiber castables, other types of lightweight refractory castables also exist. One is an ordinary refractory castable mixed with partially porous clinker, which has a low bulk density, but this was not elaborated on. In addition, there are also porous lightweight refractory castables produced with foam agents and chemical air-entraining agents. This type of product is mainly used for product production and has less actual on-site construction.

In short, refractory fiber castables, as an important development direction of lightweight refractory castables, have broad application prospects. With the further development of industrial kilns and the increasing demand, the types of refractory fiber castables will increase and their performance will be improved to meet market demand.

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