Introduction to Molten Iron Ladle Coating Materials

2023-12-14 17:23:19

Ladle coating is a refractory material specially used to protect the lining of ladles (also known as ladles and ladles). The ladle is a container transporting molten metal in the metallurgical industry. The main function of the coating is to protect the ladle’s lining, increase the ladle’s service life, prevent metal corrosion, reduce heat loss, maintain the stability of the molten steel, and improve the quality of the molten steel. The quality of.

The main ingredients and characteristics of ladle coating materials:

Refractory aggregate: Refractory aggregate is the main component of the ladle coating material. Refractory materials such as bauxite clinker, mullite, corundum, and magnesia-aluminum spinel are usually used. The selection of aggregates has a great influence on the performance of the coating material.

Refractory powder: Powder can improve the coating material’s wear resistance, slag resistance, and other properties. Common refractory powders include silica powder, alumina powder, magnesium aluminum spinel powder, etc.

Binder: The binder is a key component of the coating material, which gives the coating material a certain degree of adhesion and strength. Common binders include aluminate cement, phosphate, organic binders, etc.

Additives: Additives are mainly used to improve the process performance of coating materials, such as improving fluidity, reducing moisture, reducing scarring, etc. Common additives include defoaming agents, water-reducing agents, expanding agents, etc.

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