What is Chrome Corundum Castable

2023-12-15 17:17:11

Chrome corundum castable is a high-performance amorphous refractory material, mainly composed of refractory aggregates such as chromium corundum, corundum, aluminum chromium spinel, and special binders and additives. Due to its excellent high-temperature resistance, wear resistance, erosion resistance, slag resistance, and other properties, chromium corundum castable has been widely used in high-temperature equipment in metallurgy, petrochemicals, building materials, and other industries.

The main components of chrome corundum castable:

1. Chromium corundum: Chromium corundum is a synthetic refractory aggregate composed of corundum (Al2O3) and chromium (Cr2O3). Chrome corundum has a high melting point, hardness, stability, and excellent slag and wear resistance.

2. Corundum: Corundum (Al2O3) is a common refractory material with a high melting point, high strength, high hardness, and good wear resistance. Corundum provides additional fire resistance and strength in chrome corundum castables.

3. Aluminum chromium spinel: Aluminum chromium spinel (Al2O3-Cr2O3-MgO) is a refractory material with excellent high-temperature and corrosion resistance. In chromium corundum castables, aluminum-chromium spinel can improve corrosion and slag resistance.

4. Binders and additives: According to specific needs, appropriate binders (such as cement, phosphates, silicates, etc.) and additives (such as defoaming agents, water-reducing agents, expansion agents, etc.) can be selected to improve chromium corundum pouring Material process performance.

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