Introduction to High Aluminum Wear-resistant Castables

2023-12-16 17:22:55

High aluminum wear-resistant castable is a specially designed refractory material with high fire resistance and good wear resistance. This material is mainly used for the refractory lining of various high-temperature industrial furnaces, especially those parts that need to withstand high wear. The following is a detailed introduction to high-aluminum wear-resistant castables.

Main ingredients and raw materials

High-aluminum wear-resistant castables are based on high-aluminum materials (such as alumina, corundum, etc.), and add other auxiliary materials (such as quartz powder, mica, calcium silicate, etc.). In addition, special wear-resistant materials such as zirconia, corundum, etc. are added to improve the wear performance of the material.

Introduction to High Aluminum Wear-resistant Castables

Features and performance

1. Fire resistance: High aluminum wear-resistant castable has excellent fire resistance and can withstand high temperatures up to 1800°C. Its high fire resistance is mainly due to the high content of alumina and corundum, two materials with high melting points and good fire resistance.

2. Wear resistance: Special wear-resistant materials are added to high-aluminum wear-resistant castables to improve the hardness and wear resistance of the material. This gives it a long service life under high temperatures and high pressure conditions.

3. Slag resistance: High-aluminum wear-resistant castables have good slag resistance and can effectively resist the erosion of chemical slag at high temperatures, thereby extending the service life of the furnace lining.

4. Construction performance: High-aluminum wear-resistant castable has good construction performance and can be constructed by pouring, spraying, and other construction methods. The curing speed is fast and has high strength after curing, which is beneficial for improving construction efficiency.

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