Introduction to Clay Refractory Mud

2023-12-19 17:29:52

Clay refractory mud is a refractory material with clay and fine stone powder as the main materials. It is mainly used for repairing high-temperature furnaces, ovens, chimneys, stoves, fireplaces, and other refractory structures, sealing boundary interfaces, laying refractory bricks, and bonding insulation materials.

Clay refractory mud has high-temperature resistance and fire resistance. It can still maintain stable performance under high-temperature conditions below 1500°C and is not easy to fall off or crack. In addition, clay refractory clay also has good plasticity and adhesion, so it can be easily shaped into various complex shapes and structures.

Introduction to Clay Refractory Mud

Clay mud with a specific viscosity is made by mixing powdered clay and water. When using, first clean the area to be repaired, stick the clay refractory mud to the location that needs to be repaired, and fully compact it. The clay refractory clay will then harden rapidly over time to form a strong repair layer that is very fire resistant.

It is worth noting that clay refractory mud is only suitable for low-temperature combustion or heating places. If used at high temperatures, the clay refractory mud may fall off or crack, thereby reducing the performance of the clay refractory mud, for places used at higher temperatures, special high-temperature refractory materials should be selected, such as refractory cement, refractory bricks, etc.

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