How to Pour Corundum Castable

2023-09-23 17:01:35

There are certain instructions on how to pour corundum castables during construction. We must pour according to the instructions to prevent secondary rework or damage. So how do we pour? Next, the editor will give Let me give you a brief introduction:

1. Stirring of corundum castable

The mixing of corundum castables can be forced by a mixer. Usually, we put the castables into the mixer first, stirred the dry materials for about 2 minutes to make the color uniform, and then add 6-8% of the castable weight of water and stir until the color is uniform. That’s it. It is strictly prohibited to return mixing materials and add water for a second time!

2. Vibration of corundum castable

Vibration is used, and the thickness of each layer of pouring cannot exceed 400mm. Each construction part cannot be vibrated for a long time, nor can it be vibrated by hand. It is best to use a plug-in vibrator or a flat vibrator for pouring construction.

Pour Corundum Castable

3. Maintenance and demoulding of corundum castables

Corundum castables can be demoulded 24 hours after the completion of pouring. Watering cannot be done during curing. Usually, the curing temperature is 5-35°C. Baking can be done after 72 hours of demoulding and curing.

4. Baking of corundum castables

During the initial hot start, wood, oil, gas or electricity can be used for heating before 450℃ to facilitate temperature control. After 450℃, coal or gas can be used for heating. The heating rate must be strictly controlled before 450°C, otherwise, the service life of the corundum castable will be shortened until it is destroyed.

The above is the pouring method of corundum castable. We must use it according to the usage requirements when pouring to avoid secondary rework and incomplete pouring.

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